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Graco has an awesome responsibility – to create products that moms trust to help care for their precious little ones. Graco’s products are designed to be high quality, thoughtful, safe, comfortable and innovative. These ideals have made Graco America’s most trusted baby gear brand for more than 60 years, with generations of mothers choosing Graco with confidence.  

Rather than having innovation for innovation’s sake, Graco designers and engineers are focused on creating gear that is safe and functional for baby and that helps mom maintain her pre-baby lifestyle to make her life with baby easier and more enjoyable. The brand’s quality, thoughtful and well-designed products give new mothers the assurance they are making the best choice. We concentrate on providing the important details that matter, and have pioneered the products that moms have trusted for years and now take for granted. This legacy of innovation is evident in Graco’s storied history – the creation of the world’s first automatic swing, the Swyngomatic, in 1955 and the first playard in 1987 (mom’s favorite, the Pack ‘n Play®). Graco continues to innovate, creating products that anticipate the needs of the modern mom and baby and support modern caregivers in their parenting journey in a friendly and trustworthy way.


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