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As key global trends including emerging market expansion, a focus on sustainable living and an aging population converge, Newell Rubbermaid’s Commercial Products business segment is well positioned to provide solutions that enhance productivity and performance worldwide. Our Commercial Products segment wins the loyalty of the chooser with solutions that deliver productivity, efficiency and performance across categories. Rubbermaid Commercial Products® provides commercial and institutional solutions that increase productivity while saving water and reducing chemical use in the sanitary maintenance, waste handling and away-from-home washroom categories. Driven by purpose, our Rubbermaid Healthcare® brand exists to increase nurses’ capacity to care. By better enabling the keeping of electronic medical records and delivering innovation to wall cabinets, wall arms and medical carts, Rubbermaid Healthcare optimizes productivity to give nurses more time to care for patients.   


Commercial Products Recent Highlights



          • Rubbermaid Commercial Products introduces the Executive Series, a new line of sleek and elegant cleaning
            solutions for the hospitality industry featuring muted colors and new technology to reduced noise and concealed
            supplies to allow staff to work efficiently and discreetly.
          • Rubbermaid Healthcare, launches CareLink™, a breakthrough in mobile carts to improve productivity and
            reduce time-wasting activities for nurses with valuable ergonomic features and workflow solutions to   
            accommodate and lessen the rigorous day-to-day tasks associated with providing personal care.


          • Rubbermaid Healthcare launches the Mobile Technology Cabinet, an industry-first platform that integrates
            cabinet aesthetics into the flexibility of a mobile computing cart with clinician friendly features to enhance patient 
          • Rubbermaid Commercial Products stays ahead of growing consumer concerns about BPA and state    
            legislation banning the substance by introducing the first-ever BPA-Free commercial food service line 
            – eliminating concerns while improving the durability and performance of products used to prepare, serve, 
            store and transport food in a commercial setting.


          • Rubbermaid Commercial Products introduced the Hygen™ Clean Water System, the only floor cleaning system
            to feature a unique water filter integrated into the mop bucket to generate clean water, resulting in a cleaner mop
            and floor. The Hygen Clean Water System delivers 75 percent savings on water and chemicals with 25 percent
            better cost-in-use than a traditional mop system. 
          • Rubbermaid Commercial Products leads sustainable innovation with the creation of the EcoUrinal™, a 
            water-less urinal system with a unique ten-year cartridge to help facilities reduce operating budgets, improve
            hygiene and deliver positive environmental impact.